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Hillary Clinton Thesis

But i tend to agree he did great things with that money but its not like he started from the bottom star. Its getting far too dangerous to do that kind of thing anymore. As your money is a representation of the time you have sold, that means the state owns you.

He had changed his mind and was passing laws against abortion. It is designed to consolidate power and keep a large percentage of the population out of power and under control. The crowd was booing them and yelling let bernie speak! And it came across as very weak to me.

Do you think the poles would have held on to their traditions better as a conquered people of the russians, or the free people? One can make the argument that the poles are better off today thanks to reagans interference. Not to shill for roger stone here, but heres another book you should check out re. All the while, hillary will use racial tensions as a wedge to race relations in the us are a powder keg that is set to explode.

Bernie wont do that, but remember, plenty of bernie supporters wont vote for hilary as well, and some could even go for trump. If a conservative doesnt vote from trump, i will think of them as slime. You think they are bringing over europeans at the same rate? No chance.

I would suggest however do go what i am calling mgtow light which is mgtow only you stick your head out now and again for a blowjob. Traditions very well at all ive read material that shows that most of the problems culturally we have today. With a name like fernandez you might just be jealous they can read at grade level, in english.

It is sad that people actually believe this trash. Its kind of like being the queen or some figurehead. A weak and emotional women that belongs in the kitchen, not in making tough calls for though times. Its fucking ridiculous and to think it was implemented by a conservative government at the time. She can easily swing from one direction to the other.

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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is an American politician and diplomat who served as the First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001, U.S. Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, and as the Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton Thesis

Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever - WND
During his 1992 campaign for the presidency, Bill Clinton was fond of promising America, “You get two for the price of one,” indicating Hillary Clinton would act as his co-president.
Hillary Clinton Thesis This second choice will happen by 2026 or so. Staying is not what we are, nor should we ever be that. You get knocked up by a guy that doesnt support you? Daddy government is there to bail you out. Rather than a long protracted death under someone like a president kasich, romney, ryan, rubio, or haley, a hillary presidency will lay the groundwork for a swift, shocking end. It is both traditional and happens to live under a brutal autocratic regime. Handgun dog dont take my harsh talk to you seriously. Bc all forms of media are skewed, 19, 2011 Hillary Clinton Reiterates, Obama Does Not Need Congress For Libya War Actions. You had me on every point except gun confiscation. Everyone is just so fucking diluted and bitter to face it. You know the divorce courts get a tiny cut of each alimony and child support payment, right? Sorry dude read the law its very fair its its enforcement thats not. I doubt either of those will get the nom since they failed to get much of the deleagtes or states. Trump is just head the shoulders better than hillary. We need a european trump, someone to shake things to the core. Theyll say trump is no different than monica lewinskys ex-boyfriends wife or other bs like that. They all stick together and get each other jobs and they tell me this without batting an eye.
  • Why A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Destroy The United ...

    Any middle-class white male (worse still if you are a christian) who doesnt realize that they are flat-out mortal enemies with todays democratic party, is a fool. And he does seem to have some understanding of the problems of cheap labor flooding our borders but bernie sanders is the candidate and not the dictionary definition of socialism. Hillary wont serve jail time, thats a given. There was total cynicism throughout the whole soviet system. No mention either, i notice, of the clinton body count.

    Considering how you started, and what you stood for? Fuck! What happened! Please, please, please elect trump! Not only for your own sakes, but for ours! Whilst the uk has a nominally right-of-centre government, we are still us-lite. Republican nominees have a much less consistent record. Should we be reading anything into the run of articles on rok? Rifles now shitlery? Just sayin is all. Im so tired of idiots like you going and writing bullshit all over the web. If hilary delivers the killing blow to a great nation it will prob be the first thing she has ever blown.

    A lot of people who feel like they need a daddy in the form of the government to take care of them. There is nothing that can be done to stop it, much less reverse it. As your money is a representation of the time you have sold, that means the state owns you. Do you really see no fault divorce as that big of a problem? And not the judges that keep ruling in favor of women? The law is written fairly, evenly, its enforcement that isnt done evenly. Looking at the picture underneath the more feminism heading, i couldnt fathom why she was able to hold the soldering iron like that, but then i realized the thing wasnt even plugged in! Good article but i have to disagree with concluding sentence. Maybe reagan was different and actually cared about what strangers do with their fetuses maybe he had a complete 180 flip flop on this issue out of some reason other than political opportunismonly he could answer that. They have succeeded in dismantling the us from the inside out, divided korea into north and south and germany into east and west. A weak and emotional women that belongs in the kitchen, not in making tough calls for though times. By letting in hordes of new immigrants, hillary will change the us from a center right country into a full tilt, left-wing, multicultural hellhole. Females have no place being a national leader, even in what has essentially become a corporatesjwfeministpublic relations figurehead position of the american presidency.

    Of all the 2016 presidential candidates, both Republican and Democrat, the worst one by far is Hillary Clinton. If she is elected to the presidency, her policies may bring an end to the United States as we know it.

    Why Hillary Clinton Lost to Donald Trump -

    Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Everyone seems to have a theory as to why the presumptive favorite in the 2016 presidential race lost a close contest to Donald Trump.
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    If you look at the rural areas of a civilization during a decline, most of them arent really affected. I have had those exact same thoughts. I see voting for a big government liberal like hillary as voting to make the situation far worse and voting for any of the big government (non-trump) candidates from either party will make the situation far worse. Sanders has a following of tens of millions of people. Once a woman gets what she wants out of a husband, she divorces him.

    The tip is even hotter, 600-700 f, depending on the model. He let these two people run up and dominate his speech, and they were rude, aggressive, irrational. I think as an assumption we shouldnt make that depends on what the enemy was Buy now Hillary Clinton Thesis

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    Sorry its not greed to want to keep your own money. I have a moral objection to handicapped superheroes i probably would have came to it if i sat and thought about it, but i just insta-googled. I just dont believe the government should ever do anything but it wasnt constitutionally empowered to do. Well, my 2036 estimation is if trump doesnt win the election (which is possible, considering how many immigrants are becoming citizens and are automatically eligible to vote) and the leftists just do their thing. To give every reason why hillary would make a terrible president, i would need several volumes.

    Also, the double bush presidencies directly blows away your ivy-league old money theory, but nice try Hillary Clinton Thesis Buy now

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    Lets stay involved in the world in which we live and stay on the side of rationality. His former attorney general was gun running. Time to wake up, prepare and fight with every single breath to stop this surreal situation. Illegals for the low-end and h1b visas for the higher end. They had developed a central government that was no longer believed by people outside of moscow.

    I just dont believe the government should ever do anything but it wasnt constitutionally empowered to do. The gop is a dysfunctional coalition of inflexible single-issue voters that poo-poo good candidates because there were pro-choice in 1998 or some other bullshit that doesnt matter. And our youth unemployment rate right now is horrible by our standards you see what you call good growth we call a horrible recovery that doesnt even match population growth Buy Hillary Clinton Thesis at a discount

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    I took a long break off of facebook till the last paris massacre. They arent interested in fighting when they have jobs, families, and hobbies which have nothing to do social justice or feminism or whatever other wing of the communists is attacking normal people. I think clinton would continue that trend but also be a tool to sabotage gender relations even further. Promise the millions of people i know will begin a war. While americans think that undocumented illegal aliens are a big issue, the even bigger issue are the non-immigrants who came here legally on student and work visas and decided to stay here illegally by overstaying their normal visa status.

    And rock n roll, like all of the arts, is essentially state controlled now to keep people from thinking anything that may lower revenue Buy Online Hillary Clinton Thesis

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    We only have a working second amendment due to republican nominees. Not sure why but it seems to be your norm. Ego is the biggest reason hillary is running for office. Under those circumstances along with a lesser need for a large military you could probably halve our current tax rate and still pay for education, healthcare, which im unsure of whether it would be a worse system than 100 free-market libertarianism. Were talking about a state where sanders probably gathers with ppl over community potlucks to theorize about nothing for self-aggrandizement.

    Hence why we have separation of powers in the our government. Instead of promoting liberty, privacy and happiness, we just makes as many laws as possible to fuck each other over Buy Hillary Clinton Thesis Online at a discount

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    Jews encourage mixed-race marriages, ensuring that your culture is broken down, and eventually eliminated, while they insist on only marrying their own kind ensuring continuance of their race. At least if trump is elected the fall would be much sooner (approx 10 years from now max) and with less casualties. The law is written fairly? Wrong, its written to extract as much money as possible from whichever person makes the most money. They allow themselves to be passively influenced by others, including their parents. They arent interested in fighting when they have jobs, families, and hobbies which have nothing to do social justice or feminism or whatever other wing of the communists is attacking normal people Hillary Clinton Thesis For Sale

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    The most popular candidate in a primary is not necessarily the best candidate for a general. No mention of clintons lesbianism, or the fact shes completely under the control of her muslim babygirl huma abedin. Big overstepping federal government is poison the level of socialism he is advocating is rightfully demonized because it would be a disaster in the usa. Leave and go where? See, i dont live in the us and have never even visited, nor intend to in the near future, but the problem of this demented neo-liberal lunacy is pretty much the biggest social problem in the northern hemisphere and we will have to confront it sooner or later. However, there would be a major split in the party the republican party will crash and burn For Sale Hillary Clinton Thesis

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    Truth you ignore every point i brought up. That is conflating the decision to have an abortion with the legality of abortion itself. Its getting far too dangerous to do that kind of thing anymore. I would go further and say that power itself doesnt matter in our particular brand of idiot democracy. Only a small portion of registered guns, the ones the government knows who has what where, have been turned in.

    The gun confiscation process interestingly enough came with lots of small legislation changes that basically remove you right to defend yourself or your property with any significant force. Technically, its legal, yet obama would be obstructing justice? This elections in the states are truly massive, in terms not only of the united states supremacy, but also of the very survival of western civilization Sale Hillary Clinton Thesis









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